AI chatbots complemented by human empathy for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and Your Website.
Done in 10 minutes... Simpler than you think!
100+ Languages
Round the clock
AI Capabilities

Enhanced with the latest ChatGPT 4 capabilities for advanced conversational interactions.

100+ Languages
Our oLingotechnology is Fluent in over 100 languages, catering to a global and multilingual audience.

Custom Training
Can be trained on website or textual data with customised information about your company, product, brand etc.

Always On
Available 24/7 to provide seamless and immediate support to users.

AI Optimisation
The AI learns and gets better over time, becoming better and better at achieving the objective

Programmed to sell
Programmed with Alaric.AI technology that enables the AI to be an expert at generating leads, appointments, and sales.
Omni-Channel Connectivity
Connect effortlessly across all your favorite platforms in under 5 minutes with our streamlined oConnect technology.
Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Broadcast messages
Schedule Messages
Auto sequence
Growth Tools: Send to messenger, Direct Link to Bot, QR Code, Facebook widget can be embedded onto your website.
Comments auto responder
Facebook checkbox plugin
WhatsApp Chatbot
Multiple humans can log in and reply from the same WhatsApp number.
WhatsApp broadcasts
Schedule messages
Auto sequences
WhatsApp Catalog
Broadcast report
Instagram Chatbot
Manages messages and comments on Instagram efficiently.
Instagram Comments auto responder
Website Chatbot
Enables voice-to-text capabilities for seamless interaction.
Publish your AI chatbot on any website! Works on almost all websites like clickfunnels, gohighlevel, wordpress, wix,, shopify etc.
SMS Chatbot
Send automated SMS messages to customers for efficient communication and engagement.
Telegram Chatbot
Manage conversations and engage with users on Telegram using the AI chatbot.
Facebook Messenger Tools
Broadcast messages
Schedule Messages
Auto sequence
Growth Tools: Send to messenger, Direct Link to Bot, QR Code, Facebook widget can be embedded onto your website.
Comments auto responder
Facebook checkbox plugin
Multi Agent Livechat
Empower your team with oTeamwork, our advanced multi-agent framework designed for seamless collaboration. This tool allows multiple agents to manage conversations efficiently across various channels from a unified interface, ensuring a smooth and coordinated customer service experience.
Seamless Transition
Effortlessly switch from bot to human support, ensuring a smooth customer experience.
Unified Inbox
Multiple agents can manage conversations from various channels in one place.
Auto translation
oTranslate empowers human agents to communicate with users in their preferred language.
Lead Generation Via Chat
Supercharge your lead generation with LeadHarvest Technology. Our intelligent system not only engages users but also captures valuable leads throughout interactions, seamlessly integrating them into your CRM for optimal follow-up and conversion.


Conversational Lead Collection
Our chatbot not only engages users but also intelligently collects leads throughout the conversation.


Integrated CRM
Leads are seamlessly sent to the built-in CRM, ensuring no opportunity is missed.


Custom Lead Forms
Create custom lead forms for users to fill out, capturing essential information directly.
Detailed Analytics
Harness the power of oMetrics Analytics to dive deep into your chatbot's performance. Gain real-time insights with our comprehensive dashboard that tracks user interactions, engagement levels, and conversion metrics. Optimize your communication strategies based on actionable data to enhance user experience and drive business growth.
Role-Based Access
oTeamwork provides structured, role-based access to optimize team operations and customer interaction:
  • Admin: This role has full platform access, with privileges to make system-wide changes and configurations.
  • Editor: Manages chatbot AI, analytics, live chat, publishing, and user roles to ensure seamless operations.
  • Live Chat Agent: Focuses on live chat interactions, addressing customer inquiries effectively and efficiently.
Easy to Use
No Code Solution
Build and customize without a single line of code, making it accessible for everyone.
Intuitive Design
Drag and drop interface simplifies the creation process, streamlining your workflow.
Ready-Made Templates
Choose from a variety of pre-designed chatbot templates to get started in no time.
Quick Setup
Get your chatbot up and running in under 10 minutes, with minimal effort.
Ready-to-Use Templates and Robust Support
Access to Done-For-You Chatbot Templates
Gain access to a variety of professionally designed chatbot templates for different business needs and scenarios. These templates are ready-made, allowing for quick and straightforward chatbot setup.
Robust Support Including Email and WhatsApp
Benefit from robust customer support via email and WhatsApp. Our dedicated team is available to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter, ensuring seamless communication and problem resolution. Email:
Stripe Integration.
Collect payments on your chatbot itself.
Mobile Optimization
Ensure a seamless experience on any device, allowing users to engage effortlessly.
Customization Options
Branding Alignment
Personalize the chatbot's tone and language to mirror your brand's identity.
Match the chatbot's color scheme to align with your brand's visual style.
Customize the chatbot's avatar to represent your brand's character.
Workflow Tailoring
Modify the chatbot's conversational flow to suit your specific requirements.
Define the chatbot's responses in accordance with your brand's messaging.
Adapt the chatbot's interaction style to your target audience.
Every business needs this.
Every business needs communication. Every business needs to connect with their customers on either WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, SMS and Websites.
Schedule an appointment with us to learn how you can either
  1. Own your own AI chatbot
  1. Make an income by building AI chatbots for other businesses. (Earn $6000 and above)
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Frequently asked questions
  1. What is OmniConvo.AI?
  • Answer: OmniConvo.AI is an advanced AI chatbot platform that enables businesses to create and deploy intelligent chatbots across multiple channels including websites, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS. These chatbots are designed to enhance customer engagement, automate responses, and provide seamless support 24/7.
2. What makes OmniConvo.AI different from other chatbot platforms?
  • Answer: Answer: Unlike other platforms that are purely AI-driven or solely human-operated, OmniConvo.AI integrates both AI automation and human empathy seamlessly. Integrated across six platforms - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and websites - OmniConvo.AI offers comprehensive tools to enhance customer engagement strategies.
3. How does the AI chatbot integrate with platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp?
  • Answer: OmniConvo.AI's chatbots easily integrate with platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp using specific APIs and webhooks. This integration allows the chatbot to communicate directly through these platforms, offering users a smooth and cohesive chatting experience.
4. How can I use this if I don't have any business?
  • Answer: You can leverage our platform to offer AI chatbot building services to business owners. Currently, the market rate for building an AI chatbot is around $6000 USD. By providing this service, you can generate income and help businesses enhance their customer engagement strategies.
5. Can I whitelabel this?
  • Answer: Absolutely! You can leverage our platform as an agency to assist business owners seamlessly. Technically, they don't need to know that you're using OmniConvo.AI to build their chatbots. However, if you're interested in full whitelabeling options, it's also possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team for more information.
6. Is the data secure and private?
  • Answer: At OmniConvo.AI, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. All client data is securely stored within their dedicated account, protected by advanced encryption methods to ensure that access is strictly limited to authorized users only. We adhere to stringent data protection regulations to guarantee that your information remains confidential and safe from unauthorized access at all times.
7. How easy is it to set up a chatbot with OmniConvo.AI?
  • Answer: Setting up a chatbot with OmniConvo.AI is straightforward thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No coding skills are required, and businesses can have their chatbot up and running in no time. Most people do it in less than 30 minutes even with no prior experience.
8. Are there any pre-built chatbot templates available?
  • Answer: Yes, OmniConvo.AI provides a variety of 'Done For You' chatbot templates that are tailored for different business needs and scenarios, making the process of setting up a chatbot quick and straightforward.
9. How is pricing structured for OmniConvo.AI?
10. Can the chatbot be customized to match my brand's tone and style?
  • Answer: Yes, one of the key features of OmniConvo.AI is the ability to customize your chatbot's responses, language, and tone to align with your brand's identity.
11. What kind of support does OmniConvo.AI offer?
  • Answer: OmniConvo.AI provides strong customer support through email and WhatsApp. Our dedicated team is available to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter. Email:
12. How do I unsubscribe?
  • Answer: You can easily unsubscribe at any time without any long-term commitments. Simply visit this link to manage your subscription preferences.
13. What is your refund policy?
  • Answer: At, our goal is to provide a seamless and satisfying experience for our customers. Understanding the need for flexibility, we've tailored our subscription model to be user-friendly.
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